Tuition & Fees

April Semester 2022

Our unique STEM school does have an international standard of early childhood education and your financial commitment to your young child in these formative years will definitely lay the foundation for success. Please feel free to contact our office for more information.

1 868 231-1736 / 713-7492

Enrollment Fees
Application Fee $200 TT
Assessment fee $ 400

Standard Capital Fund $4,200


All fees are non refundable.

​We will sit with you to discuss your payments.

How to apply for our STEM Programs

  • Please call or email to schedule your tour of our facility

  • We sit and chat with you about your needs

  • You may apply by filling out the application form and providing the non refundable application fee 

  • Assessment is scheduled.

  • Once your application is successful, you will receive a letter of acceptance on behalf of your child.

  • The enrollment process begins. 


Toddler STEM Program

5 Full Day Program
$6,500 /term
4 Full Day Program
$5,900 /term




For all our school programs we require a completed application form, capital fund payment, copies of your child's birth paper and immunization card. Photos of the family and one of the child.

Uniforms are purchased from Espree Spirit West Mall. 

Preschool STEM Program

5 Full Day Program
4 Full Day Program
$5,900 /term



Our school programs operate from 7:45 AM to 2:00 PM, should you require after care services we provide a wonderful program from 2:15 pm till 3:00 pm. At the moment.

In after care we are focused on Global Learning.

Kids Tinkering Studio Ltd is proud to announce the beginning of Global Learning for Kids, an aftercare program all about exploring the world with kids through crafts, books, recipes, activities, and more!  Each month we will “travel” to a new country, teaching kids about its culture and people.  


Sometimes you may be running late to pick up your child, there is a 5 min grace allotted. After such time a $50 late fee will be applied to you invoice per half hour.


$30 per Hour Daily Rate

Package 2:15-3:00
$480 /month  ($1300 /term)

Package 2:15-4:00
$690 /month  ($1900 /term)

Package 2:15-5:00
$900 /month  ($2550 /term)