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Our  Vision is to provide a safe environment for young children, while nurturing strong independent, caring critical thinkers who become innovators and creators. 

Our vision is to provide a safe, secure environment for young children,while nurturing strong independent, caring, critical thinkers who become innovators and creators. 



Kids Tinkering Studio ltd was first imagined as a place where children can be exposed to STEM education here in Trinidad and Tobago.

With the goal of nurturing strong independent, caring critical thinkers and the best preschool program, we found a home for the Kids Tinkering Studio at #34 Roberts Street Woodbrook .


Serving the needs of families like yours we constantly strive to offer high quality childcare programs lead by loving, passionate, nurturing facilitators. Using a play-based pedagogy, children are given the opportunity to investigate, manipulate and experiment with a wide range of resources and materials that develop the concepts, skills and dispositions that are important for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  We are one of the top preschools in Trinidad and Tobago committed to STEM education. 


We provide a non traditional Preschool  and Grade School program in Trinidad and Tobago for young children to discover, create, explore, innovate and ask the questions about the world around them.


Our STEM school programs are designed for fun engaging, memorable experiences from messy projects, to design sessions and workshops.  We consider our center to be an innovation and maker and tinker space for children enrolled in our Toddler,  Preschool and Grade School STEM programs. 

The early childhood years, birth to age 5, have long been accepted as the most critical point in neurological or brain development. Studies show that young children learn through active exploration—and the drive to observe, interact, discover, and explore is inherent in their development. And it is during these years that we believe that evidenced-based STEM curricula should begin, setting children on a path to develop a love of scientific inquiry.


For us one of the most significant responsibilities that we as facilitators of learning have is to support children to retain the sense of awe and wonder that they are born with.

We know that we will be the catalyst for change in how children's education is facilitated here in Trinidad and Tobago.

It is because of that deep desire to provide a place where children can be critical thinkers and ask all of the "why, what, when and who" questions that we open our doors.


We are pleased to announce that we have launched our STEM Grade School Program


With the help of an amazing team of Curriculum builders we have put together an amazing STEM Grade school. 


Connect with us to learn more!

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