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We enroll students from 4 years old in our  STEM Grade School program.



Great news! Our STEM Grade School program is finally here!


With a history of academic excellence, Kids Tinkering Studio is considered as one of the high performing school programs locally.


Our Grade School not only meet the national curriculum we cover several other subjects which are STEM based as well.

Additional areas of study included on our regular program are:- Music (Steel Pan) Language – Spanish

Robotics and Coding

The Performing Arts


The education offered here is  significant  unique. We aim to mold not only the academics but the emotional, intellectual and physical. We provide a non traditional environment which makes learning awesome!


Our STEM Grade School will follow  the inquiry-based Learning Approach

Inquiry based learning places an emphasis on finding answers through discovery. It is contrasted to educational approaches that privilege repetition and memorization. An inquiry-based approach will ask students to investigate concepts using research and analysis.

Students are able to access our STEM Labs. Our Labs provide quality  materials and equipment so that each child can experiment and discover.
Students are not confined to sit at a desk and regurgitate information just for a grade.
The Subject Areas Covered
For the classes at the Primary Levels,
Reception to Year 6 the children will be offered a combination of the following depending on the grade level.

Mathematics / Mental Maths
English Language Arts
Creative Writing / Writers Club
Science (physics, biology)
Social and Cultural Studies
IT and Robotics
Music – Pan Music Theory
Visual Arts and Craft
Performing Arts
How to apply for our STEM Grade School Program

Thank you for your interest in our STEM Grade School program.

At the moment we are accepting applications for September 2023 For Grade 1 Students ONLY.


It is wonderful to note that you are thinking about becoming part of our STEM school. 

Application forms can be downloaded and submitted directly to Admissions via email or to the school address below.

#34 Roberts Street Woodbrook

Trinidad West Indies

School Application Form. 

Resend to:

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