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How to get your kids in their own bed!

This is a topic that is so dear to my heart. My kids are grown up now however they still invade my room and even my shower time, to talk about their day! This seams to be a concern of many moms across Trinidad and Tobago. When I was growing up, my folks had no problem making their bed off-limits to us kids. Today, most parents I know can't keep their kids out. Some simply endure the kicks and elbow jabs. Some play nightly musical beds. Are you so exhausted that you just need help urgently?

Listen, It’s time to reclaim your bedroom as your space and get your children into their beds once and for all. The reasons little ones end up in bed with mom and dad differ. Let us be honest some moms have encouraged this from day one with the babies sleeping in the bed with you and before you know it you have a toddler in your bed. While there are some parents who do not mind this practice, those who do this is for you. It really takes a lot of energy to deal with sleep problems with your children. This exhaustion can really make it so difficult it's hard to muster the energy to be steadfast. All you want is sleep especially when you have to be up early to beat the traffic into Port of Spain!

Here are some tips for getting a child to sleep in their own bed:

1. Work with your pediatrician to develop a sleep plan. Feel free to talk to your pediatrician and ask for help. Getting enough sleep is important for the entire family and in fact, it might be one of the most important factors for overall health, so it just makes sense to include your child's pediatrician in any struggles you may be facing with sleep so you can work on a plan for the future together.

2. As soon as your child comes into your room, take their hand and walk them back to their bedroom, kiss them and walk back to your bed, Regardless of how tired you are, be prepared to do this as many times and necessary. Remain neutral and show no emotion when they walk the child back. That means even if you're exhausted you keep your cool and don't get angry, I know after a long day at work you really do not want to do this but I assure you that it works.

Eventually the new rules will stick, and they will stay in their bed, Give your child the reassurance that if they need something, if they are sick they can call out – but if they are fine mom and dad will put them back, kiss them and walk out.

3. If your child has been sleeping in your bed, the phase out method may help them feel safe in their bedroom.

For the first few nights, put your child in their bed and sleep on the floor next to them. Simply decrease your presence in the room, going from sleeping on the floor, to sitting in a chair until they fall asleep, and ultimately standing by the door until the child is sleepy and then closing the door.

I know, sounds like loads of work right! however this will build confidence that they can fall asleep on their own. some parents start the process in their bedroom, and place the child on the floor next to the bed and slowly move them to their room.

During this process,your bedroom should be off limits

It shouldn’t be parents bed for nap-time and their bedroom for bedtime, it should be this is your bed where you sleep,

4. Think about your privacy and comfort. I know it seams selfish right, to want to sleep in your bed with no kicking and wetting of the bed. Some moms tell me that they feel guilty for shoving their child off to their own space. I know, I have been through that as well. Remember new moms, before you had your bundle of joy your hubby or partner may have been accustomed to you giving him loads of attention in bed, all the great conversations and cuddling. While we know we love and adore our babies we also need to remember our own relationships with the significant other.

You are so not alone moms, This is a normal situation that happens with moms and their bundle of joy, we can gain our peace of mind and privacy and our bed back without traumatizing our little ones. The approach you decide to use has to be what’s going to fit with your family and something you can live with and be consistent with,

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