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Balancing life as a new mom

It feels like you are in a spin cycle sometimes right? As a working mom you wake up at the crack of dawn, rush through your morning and scramble to drop your baby off sometimes even forgetting to pick up the lunch bag. Then there is the traffic, If you live in South but work in Port- Of- Spain well the insanely long commute drains you even before you start eight hours at work.

At some point during work you feel the pain, your breast are swollen you need to express. Wow! you have to fit that into your schedule as well.

You come by the school, pick up your baby and you’re back on the long commute. There is still no rest you get home to chores that can’t seem to go away: cooking, cleaning, and child care duties. You play and read with the baby before it’s time to rock him to sleep for the next hour and crash for the night yourself. You wake up several times in the night to put the baby back to sleep, and before you know it, your alarm is beeping, signaling yet another day to do this all over again. Sounds familiar?

It is difficult when you feel that you are stuck in an endless cycle of no sleep and lots of stress, sometimes you even wonder if there is any way escape this spin cycle. I know you feel guilty for wanting a shower for longer that a few minutes or to sleep through the night just one night. But you don’t have to feel stressed all the time. Here are a few tips we think can help:

1. Leave work at work

When you are home you should be at home. Unfortunately, sometimes your job spills into hours after we’ve already left the building. In my experience you have to develop routines and habits that allow you to be as efficient as possible while you’re still in the office so that none of the work carries into your home. My friends tell me all the time that I am always working but when you are at home, truly be at home.

A simple solution can be to turn off your work phone and resist checking emails. There are times when I feel guilty that I have to be on the computer and not playing with my son, so every day I am trying to be 100% committed when I get home.

2. Work out chores with your partner

I could not administrate the school or function at home if I did everything. My husband Michael and I have worked out a system so some evenings I do not have to go home and cook or wash and trust me I do not have to iron! Raising kids with no support isn’t easy: the most direct way to ease the burdens off your shoulders is to pass them along.Think of the most stressful part of your day and get your partner to assume those tasks. Your partner can assist at night when the baby is up you can get support with packing the lunches and even doing the laundry. I know no one does it as good as you can but mom trust me you will burn out if you do not get help.

3. Your children can help

My preschoolers are so proud when they push in their chairs or clean up after themselves in school, I am sure that at home they can assist with little things such as packing up their toys, washing their cups or even making up their beds. Yes, I know what you are going to say, they may not do it well and you have to go fix it or do it over so why the double work. In time they will be able to do it properly and these habits make for responsible adults.

Moms this can be a particularly difficult time for you, balancing your life now that you are back out to work can be a challenge but there are some time hacks that can make all the difference between frazzled and frustrated.You can cook meals that can sit for a long time and doesn’t require you to stay in the kitchen (for instance, slow cooker meals or meals that bake or simmer). Sneak in errands when you can, such as during your lunch break or before you pick up your kids. Do stuff on the weekends to lessen the load during the week. Even picking out your outfits for the week or taking care of laundry can be a big help. Do simple daily cleaning instead of deep-cleaning. Don’t burden yourself with maintaining a spotless home. Just make sure your home is tidy and sanitary and leave the heavy-duty cleaning for once in a while.Schedule calls during your commute. My husband loves a spotless home but we have come to understand that sometimes we just need to stop and relax before we crack.

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