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4 Reasons to choose a STEM Camp!

STEM Summer Camp in Trinidad &Tobago

Being in a STEM camp, works well for cutting down on screen time by getting children outdoors and encouraging active play and exploration. Not every child would want to be in front of a microscope or coding all day long, so our Program Development Team created a unique camp program geared towards experiencing STEM outdoors.

Kids Tinkering Studio Ltd offers an amazing STEM summer camp for children 6 months to 13 years old. Located at #19 Alfredo Street Woodbrook we provide a spacious facility for children to explore STEM in Trinidad and Tobago. Click here for camp rates

It is a well-known fact that summer camp can be great for kids and their families. We have created an environment in our STEM camps to give children the opportunity to make friends, learn new skills, have adventures, and get some exercise.

Here are a few reasons why a STEM camp can be beneficial to your child’s development.

1. Camp encourages independence Our July/ August STEM camp can also be a great "practice run" for children who do not have a lot of experience being away from their parents. After all, being dropped off for a day full of fun and friends might seem a little less daunting for kids (and their parents) than going to the first day of school. While it is hard for you to leave them, our camp counselors are there to assist with those first few goodbyes.

2. Camp provides structure We have found that our summer STEM camps can provide a preview of what our school environment is like, particularly for children who haven't been to daycare centre before. The transition from laid-back, flexible days at home with a mom and dad to the relative structure of our classroom environment can be challenging for a young child. Our STEM camps introduces children to concepts like following a schedule, learning group rules, taking responsibility for their belongings (backpack and lunchbox), and getting along with other children in a group setting.

3. Camp develops new skills Our July/ August STEM camp is a great way to introduce your child to new activities and skills. They will have fun while practicing important skills like teamwork, coordination, self-confidence, learning and following rules. They might even enjoy the new activity enough to continue it beyond summer camp into our STEM Saturday Program!

4. Camp encourages social interaction Being enrolled in our July /August STEM camp is also provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce your child to a completely new group of friends. Young children sometimes have limited peer group exposure—their social circles. A STEM Summer camp, just like school, allows children to practice making friends and interact with kids from diverse backgrounds.

If you would like to register for our STEM Summer Camp click here

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