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Why we do STEM in the classroom

STEM in Trinidad and Tobago

STEM is based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. At the Kids Tinkering Studio STEM is integrated into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

Not only are careers in STEM education in Trinidad and Tobago on the rise, we have noted the need for STEM education in Early Childhood in Trinidad and Tobago as well. It is amazing to see how young children as early as six months engaged in STEM based activities. At the Kids Tinkering Studio,

there are many great reasons why we use STEM as our way of facilitating knowledge;

  • student engagement

  • collaborative and blended learning

  • naturally support a growth mindset

  • improvement of critical thinking skills

The Ministry of Education curriculum is followed at the Kids Tinkering Studio. We consider STEM, the Reggio- inspired approach even our Tinkering program to be a vehicle for exploring the required literacy and numeracy skills needed for Primary school.

For us student engagement is key. Looking at the children every day it is clear that kids are naturally curious and creative, and STEM activities give them hands-on activities which allow them to tinker and do what kids do best, play. When interacting with shells, rocks, circuits, scales, pulleys, leavers and cranks just to name a few, kids get a real and meaningful feel for how things work. STEM activities allow freedom to experiment and play, which is highly motivating for kids. Not only that, it can help keep them focused.

STEM challenges lend themselves well to a growth mindset, asking children to think deeply and to expand on their ideas is what our facilitators are trained to do in our program. Because there are often multiple solutions to a given STEM problem, students must work both creatively and diligently.

We use STEM to develop reasoning skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, and innovation through integrated and connected STEM curriculum. These experiences help provide equity among learners from diverse backgrounds. STEM has the potential to provide true mastery for all learners.

If you are looking for a different environment for your child where critical thinking is fostered and they can actually be stimulated please visit us today. Registrations for our September term is open, please schedule your appointment now.

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