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It is not easy being a child today. Even in Preschool, there is so much focus on curricula requirements, a strong focus on standardized test results, piles of homework, and a seemingly never-ending quest for achievement in everything from academics to Carnival Jump up!

How do we ensure support for these creative babies in ways that will help them succeed as innovators later in life? As the Directors of the Kids Tinkering Studio Ltd, we have created a STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program for Early Childhood here in Trinidad and Tobago. In our program, a child’s innovative framework is strengthened when our facilitators bring a sense of play to the curriculum; taking offbeat approaches and making whimsical connections to the world around them while still meeting the Ministry of Education's requirements for literacy and numeracy.

One of the most important principles of our centre is that we make learning fun. When children feel that every aspect of their learning is “dead serious,” they become afraid to take chances and think creatively opting instead to think in less risky ways.

At the Kids Tinkering Studio, we allow children time for play with various open-ended materials, and engage in a variety of individual and team projects. We encourage children to be observers of the world. Therefore, from conscious observations of their friends at play, a flower outside even the ants in the garden is a skill that we take time to develop in children. Their observational drawings develops awareness and attention to detail, so these exercises create greater understanding of their world and a desire to learn more,

Whenever we can help children find connections between multiple things, they become more curious about how they all work together. Innovative people were shown how to connect their passion to success. Our facilitators and parents always support what the children's passions and natural curiosities are, and we make an effort to connect what is needed to be learnt to satisfy their curiosity.

When our children engage in STEM, they design their own investigations to learn more. This connected success leads to a larger purpose. Children’s individual motivations and interests are developed and curiosity encouraged. Schedule an appointment for a tour of our facility we would love to chat with you.

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